Signature Collection

Our Signature collection represents the ultimate in bedtime luxury. Only the very best is chosen to bear the symbol of our Signature range.

Our duck & goose feather and down range of has been made right here in Australia since 1950. Our European & imported feathers are government inspected and approved and we use organic detergent washing to ensure the highest quality and cleanliness of our down.

All fillings are free from any impurities like odours and dust that can be experienced in down products from some Asian countries like China, Thailand and Vietnam. Our feathers are imported from Europe and Japan and meet the highest standards available.

Beware if the products don’t state where their feathers are sourced from, as they are most likely poor quality, the price of the down doona will be a good indicator of this too (if the price is under $100 for a down doona it is probably filled with cheaper grade feathers/down).

All of these products are:

  • Hypo allergenic treated
  • Oeko – tex 100 ecologically safe guaranteed textile label
  • Guarantee certificate with 7 year warranty

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