High Loft 100% Alpaca Doona 430gms


Australian Made Alpaca doonas from Australian grown Alpaca fibre. Donnas are 430gms of Alpaca fibre per sq mtr, quilted in a 300mm diamond pattern. Encased in a Cotton sateen jacquard cover, with a self bias edging. These doonas come with a 7 year Guarantee.

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Product Description

Our doonas are durable, breathable, moisture absorbent and wonderfully warm yet lightweight. Equivalent to 2-3 blankets, these are ideal for those who live in cold climates.

Studies have shown that Alpaca is up to 25% warmer than wool, while still remaining breathable enough to provide optimal comfort. As a semi-hollow type of fibre, an Alpaca fleece doona has a lightweight feel and is naturally moisture absorbent.

The Alpaca doonas offered by Alora House are made to last using 100% natural Alpaca fleece. Beware of cheaper imitations made using an Alpaca and wool blend.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Alpaca fleece is a natural and environmentally friendly fabric option that has an unsurpassed durability with regular care.