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Select Your Doona
Looking for the right Doona for your bedding set up? We have a broad range of doonas made from high-quality materials. From duck down to goose down, we use premium materials to ensure ultimate comfort.
Doonas for Summer and Winter
When it comes to keeping warm, we want to make sure you have the right doona that suitable for the season. We have Summer Doonas that have warmth level one, which means it has less down and feathers for a cooler, fresher feeling. Our range also has Winter Doonas that have warmth level four or five. They are stuffed with more down and feathers to keep you warm during winter.
Versatile Doonas
We also offer split warmth DUO range doonas that have different warmth levels on each side. This is a perfect solution for couples who have different preferences of warmth levels. In our range, we offer a Goose DUO doona that has warmth level 3 one side and level 4 on the other. With two warmth levels, you can easily turn it over and feel the right level of warmth you prefer.

At Alora House, we make sure our doonas provide you with the most comfortable sleep you’ll ever experience. Order yours today or give us a call on 1300 252 707 for any enquiries about our products.