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Cosy Throws and Comforters

Our collection of throw products includes pillows, rugs and comforters. They are sourced from leading brands such as DaVinci and Logan & Mason and made of world-class materials. Add our throw products to your bed or sofa set up for an extra touch of comfort and softness.

Floral Comforters

If you are looking for a floral design for your comforter, we have the right products to suit your preference. Wrap yourself in the beauty of our Rose Peony and Gypsy Rose comforter. The Rose Peony comforter has a large velvet peony print, while the Gypsy Rose features a small rose print on its grey base. Both are 100% cotton and are handmade in India and designed in France. Add a burst of brightness to your bed or sofa using our throw comforters.

We Also Have Cushions

Finding the right throw pillows? Choose the Edinborough Ivory Gold Range by DaVinci. The pillows are made of polyester fabric and embroidered in gold thread that forms a diamond pattern. The combination of ivory and gold adds a touch of class to your bed or sofa. Adding our high-quality throw pillows makes your bed look and feel more luxurious than the average bed or sofa.

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