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Hotel Quality Pillow Cases

Our complete range of hotel quality pillow cases is available in many colours and textures. The right colour and texture of pillowcases can top off a bed linen set, enhancing the overall style of your bedroom. We source our collection of pillowcases from leading brands such as Logan & Mason, Flaxfield, DaVinci and more.

Luxury Pillow Cases for Sale

We have various premium designs such as the Ultima Balmain Euro Pillowcase from Logan & Mason. They come in beautiful colours of flamboyant turquoise, subtle indigo, zesty yellow and tangy orange. They feature knitted fabric woven into a trellis pattern that makes the pillow stand out in a bedding set up.

Our range also has the Genevieve Linen Accessories from Private Collection. It has a basket weave pattern and a soothing palette that captures the contrast of dark and light. These features provide a pillow that is rich in texture and complementary to the surrounding patterns and fabrics of almost any bedding set up.

With our wide range of pillow case linen, the possibilities are endless! If you want the pillow case design to stand out, you can choose something that creates a nice contrast against the bed’s current theme. Or you may choose something that perfectly complements your bedding set up so your pillow cases blend in rather than stick out.

Discover what pillow case design goes well with your bed. Call 1300 252 707 for any enquiries.