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High-Quality Doonas for Sale

Looking for quality doonas online? You’ve come to the right place. Our luxury doonas are perfect for the Australian weather and come in different levels of warmth to suit various comfort needs. From summer doonas to winter doonas, our products would make the perfect addition to complete any bedding set up you prefer. The doonas we offer use exceptional materials such as Alpaca fleece, duck down and goose down.

Downs Make Our Doonas Comfortable

Downs are a great substitute or complement to feathers and are best used if you prefer soft bedding materials. Duck and goose down doonas are breathable due to the material being light enough for vapour to pass through it. This provides you with constant warm comfort all night.

Meanwhile, Alpaca fleece is a semi-hollow type of fibre that’s 25% warmer than wool and is naturally moisture-absorbent. If you want to try Alpaca fleece, our products are the perfect choice for your bed.

Apart from these three types of luxury doonas, we have a complete range of products that contribute to a good night’s sleep. Browse our selection of doonas and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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