Boxed vs Channelled – Choosing a quilt casing style

Quilts come in two main styles of casing – Channelled and Boxed. In this post we will look at the pros and cons of each style.

CHANNELLED STYLE (also called ‘walled & channelled’)


Channelled quilt covers are sewn in straight lines from the top to the bottom (not side to side) of the quilt creating ‘channels’ of approx. 15cm-20cm wide.

The channelled construction is very versatile, since it allows for the relatively free movement of the filling inside the cover.

Since the filling can move more freely in a channelled quilt, you might find it ‘migrating’ to one end over time and so will benefit from a quick shake every week or so. This will also re-loft the filling ensuring that it retains it’s warmth and the “plump” look that down quilts are famous for.

This ability to move the filling from one end to the other allows you to adjust the warmth of the quilt from season to season by either shaking the filling towards the feet (cooler) or shaking the filling towards you head (warmer).

It is also possible to adjust the warmth of a channelled quilt post-purchase.

If your quilt turns out to be too hot or too cold we will happily adjust it for you as part of our Warmth Guarantee and only charge for additional fill used. This service is only offered on channelled style quilts.

BOXED STYLE (also called “cassette style”)


Boxed quilt covers are sewn into squares approx. 40-50 cm in size. The boxed style is very common among the quilts sold through department stores and manchester retailers.

Contrary to popular belief however, the stitching does not fully enclose each square. This is because there is a gap left in the stitching of each square to insert the filling.

Since the filling is less able to move in a boxed quilt, they tend to provide a more even warmth and don’t require such regular adjustment to keep the filling evenly spread.

On the other hand however, without regular lofting (shaking) the fill can tend to flatten out losing it’s warmth and “pump” look, so we still recommend giving boxed quilts a shake each week or so to keep them in top condition.

With less ability to move the filling around, a boxed quilt allows for less adjustment from season to season which means you may need to purchase a “summer” and a “winter” quilt.

The warmth of a boxed quilt cannot be adjusted post-purchase, so we are unable to offer our Warmth Guarantee for boxed quilts.