Benefits of Tetra Tea Tree Flakes

Tea Tree Flakes  Tetra Mattresses, Pillows and Snuggle Beds are uniquely filled with 100% natural and chemical-free Tea Tree Flakes. Tetra Tea Tree Flakes are lighter-than-feather pieces of incredibly fine layers of native Australian Tea Tree bark, scientifically proven to promote airflow. _______________ Tea Tree Flakes are inherently naturally breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, naturally anti-allergy, naturally thermally […]

What is Eiderdown?

Rarer than a Rolls Royce, a genuine Eiderdown duvet is extremely rare, in great demand and highly prized (accounting for its high price). Eiderdown, or eider down, comes from the Common Eider Duck, a large migratory sea duck. Eiderdown is exceptionally soft and has insulating properties superior to any other down. A Male and Female […]