Benefits of Tetra Tea Tree Flakes

Tea Tree Flakes

Chemical Free Manufacturing

 Tetra Mattresses, Pillows and Snuggle Beds are uniquely filled with 100% natural and chemical-free Tea Tree Flakes. Tetra Tea Tree Flakes are lighter-than-feather pieces of incredibly fine layers of native Australian Tea Tree bark, scientifically proven to promote airflow.


Tea Tree MattressesTetra Tea Tree Mattresses

Tea Tree Flakes are inherently naturally breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, naturally anti-allergy, naturally thermally regulated (cool in summer and warm in winter).


Australian Made Baby bedding

Tetra Tea Tree Flakes are created with a proprietary process that starts with great expertise in the beautiful natural outdoors of Australia’s East Coast.

The science behind Tetra Tea Tree mattresses begins with identifying one very specific native Australian Tea Tree. Only one variety of the 145 types of Tea Tree has the exact properties to deliver all-natural benefits.


 Baby Mattress Sustainable

The Tea Tree bark is collected by-hand in a process that promotes the health of the tree. As the tree’s are not cut or felled the same tree can be used in years to come. Each Tetra Tea Tree product is hand-made in Sydney from these natural sources. As such, Tetra is widely regarded as the most sustainable baby bedding in the world.

No chemicals are used when processing the natural Tea Tree Paperbark.

It is broken down and cleaned by our proprietary process that harness physical energy and heat to prepare the paperbark as a filling.