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Alora House is a deluxe online store that supplies linen, textiles and bedding to clients throughout Australia. We are passionate about providing high quality products made from the finest materials, for competitive prices. Our team has developed a lavish range of alpaca wool pillows, doonas and underlays that are luxuriously warm and soft.

Alpaca Wool Products

Alpaca blankets, quilts and doonas are exceptionally plush and soft. This is because alpaca fibre has an incredibly smooth surface. They are lightweight products that are extremely durable and moisture absorbent. This means that they will keep you toasty warm throughout winter and cool in the summer months. Alpaca fiber is up to 25 percent warmer than sheep wool but still remains breathable.

Picking the right bedding

Alora House has an exquisite selection of alpaca doonas, pillows and underlays for sale. We have 100 percent wool doonas that vary according to warmth. Our store has a range of doonasqrtêethat are suited to warmer climates and doonas that are more appropriate for cold temperatures. Our all seasons doonas are so adaptable that they can be used all year round. Alora House also has a gorgeous range of duck and goose down quilts for sale.
We stock soft and plush pillows that are 60 percent wool and 40 percent polyfibre. They are heavenly to sleep on because they provide both comfort and support. Our alpaca underlays are also 60 per cent wool and will keep you warm all year round

Sleep Well Thanks to Alora House

We have a luscious range of high quality alpaca wool for sale in Australia. Pop onto our online store and purchase our products today. Please feel free to contact us if your have any questions or issues with our services. Call our customer service team on 1300 252 707 or refer to our comprehensive buyers guide.