Alora House has a sophisticated collection of comforters and quilt sets that will furnish any bedroom perfectly. From our plush down quilts, to our king size comforters, we ensure that all of our products are made from the finest materials and fabrics. Our luxury online store sells premium products for affordable prices to clients throughout Australia.

The Perfect Duck Feather or Goose Down Quilt

Our goose down and duck feather quilts are made from high quality materials that have a number of product benefits. We have luxurious goose down quilts for sale, which are extremely comfortable and lightweight. This is because down is a soft, fluffy and delicate material. Our duck feather quilts are sturdier blankets that are incredibly durable and supportive. They are the perfect decorative piece and come in a range of stunning designs, patterns and materials.

Comforter Sets

We supply a wide range of single, double, queen and king size comforter sets throughout Australia. Our comforter sets are high quality products from reputable brands. They come in a wide variety of colours, designs and styles to suit any taste or interior. From our embroidered Venice king size comforter set to our bright, geometric comforters, we have the perfect look for any space. Many of our designs are reversible, so you can chance your quilt to suit your mood. We also have gorgeous pillows and quilt covers for sale, to complete the set.

Get Comfortable Today

Whether you’re after a duck feather quilt or a goose down quilt in Australia, Alora House has the ideal bedding solution for your home. To purchase our products, fill out our simple, online enquiry forms. If you have any questions about our sales, give us a call on 1300 252 707.

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